showmewhatworks.org is a collection of songs. Mostly by Lloyd Ferris.

Songs about…

  • history
  • economics, and…
  • how we can all get along

Oh, and spirituality. Not just awe and wonder, but spirituality. As in a real soul and higher power — and all the impact that reality can have on what we do here and now. And how we save the planet.

So who is Lloyd Ferris?

I’m someone who came of age at the height of the cold war, when the choices given me by the media, academia, and the political movements I got involved in at the time were mostly…

  • Live in a dog eat dog world, full of poverty — or — have an economy micromanaged by some despot who will send me to rot in a Gulag if I don’t tow his line.
  • Believe I go to oblivion when I die — or — believe in unscientific fairy tales –or– believe I must have it all figured out before I die, lest I go to a place of, sigh, eternal torture.
  • Bomb the heck out of those who threaten us — or — just roll over and surrender.

I didn’t like any of those choices. So, in my twenties, I quit the music business absolutely for good — okay, for the first time — and set out to discover if, in truth, those were really the only choices.

My song collection is a result of that journey. I will be adding new ones as I record them.